What to Ask When Buying a Home

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Real Estate | 0 comments

On the surface, buying a house might seem like a piece of cake. However, the more you start discovering the myriad of details about what you and your family desire in a new home, the more complicated it can get. Take a look at some important questions to ask when starting your home buying search and get in touch with a trusty REALTOR® at AvenueWest DTC.

  • Are schools importantant?
  • How much space do you need?
  • Age and condition considerations?
  • How many bedrooms? (Are you planning (more) children?)
  • Preferred lifestyle? Suburbia or closer to downtown action/amenities?
  • What are your timeline considerations?
  • Do you need to sell another house first?
  • Price Range? (you don’t want to be house rich and cash poor)
  • Monthly budget considerations?
  • Are you “Pre-Approved” (which is BETTER than “Pre-Qualified”)
  • 20 percent down payment means no Private Mortgage Insurance
  • Preferred architecture? (Ranch? Two-story? Multi-level?)
  • Special requirements? (Access to green space/trails? In-law suite? Walk-out basement? 1st floor Master Bedroom? ADA requirements?)
  • Preferred upgrades/finishes?
  • Do you desire upgraded and remodeled?
  • Commute to work? For you and/or your spouse?
  • Working/Schooling from home?
  • Resale value? (Some home buyers never consider resale value when they buy. They make the mistake of focusing solely on whether the home suits their immediate needs).
  • Location, location, location! Desirable school districts, no eyesores, and close to shopping, hospitals, and schools? Desireable neighborhood amenities like pools and tennis courts?
  • Curb appeal — is it pleasant to look at from the outside with nice landscaping?
  • A great room in which to congregate?
  • Ample storage and closets?
  • Does it have a garage? (Deep and high enough for your truck?)
  • Good flow and open floor plan? Lots of natural light?
  • Roof, HVAC, and water heater fairly current?
  • Does it have an adequately sized lot?
  • South facing? (north facing lots lack sunshine on the front of house, therefore snow stays longer)

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