Just a word of recommendation for Rob Mancey.

We chose him to sell our home of 24+ years last October.  My request was, since he lived nearby, would he keep an eye on our empty home should the sale take some time.  He agreed.  Then he went to work staging, dressed up items in the yard, gave me a heads up on possible inspection issues … and sold the property for a full price cash offer by October 30th – closing November 28th!  Numerous issues arose through the inspection process – he always knew someone personally to resolve whatever the problem.  I owned 3 motorcycles that had neither been ridden or started in years that needed to be sold.  Yes, Rob had a young friend plugged in to that “community” who sold them for me!

The day of our move the house thermostat was broken by the movers.  I did not notice it until late evening.  Extremely tired it was a bit much for me to handle.  Rob was contacted and smoothly got it fixed keeping heat in the house and preventing freezing damage.

Could say that through the process I even started to like Rob!? ????