I am sending this email in regard to Rob Mancey as your potential Realtor. We live in H460 and I have known Rob for nearly 20 years – and can speak highly of his integrity and ability. Last year, Rob helped us on two property sales, one in finding a very nice Townhome for my daughter BEFORE it hit the market, agreed to a very fair price and arranged for a quick closing along with finding a great mortgage consultant for her. I feel he saved her several thousand dollars and his expertise made everything easy for a first-time buyer.

Later in the summer Rob sold a townhome property that we owned for my mother. Rob understood the market, understood that we could spend thousands of extra dollars ‘fixing it up’ after 24 years and not really see that return on the sales price. He talked us out of doing that. He vetted many offers for us, talked to the other realtors about ‘how real are they’ and we believe got us an offer above what the comps showed (and we didn’t spend money needlessly).

I understand you are considering going on your own, but with the fast-moving pace of the industry and understanding recent changes on the Federal level, I would suggest that working with Rob would make your life much simpler and I believe he will end up getting you the most value for your home.