Rob Mancey was our Realtor both to find us a new house and to sell our old house in Highlands 460. Living on beautiful open space in Highlands 460 we didn’t want to move yet, planning for retirement, we wanted single level living. Guess what? Single level living in the Littleton/Centennial/Jeffco area is hard to find! With Rob’s patient assistance, we searched for many months, probably reviewing a hundred houses on-line and touring 20 of them.  Rob never rushed us or pushed us. He never had a tinge of attitude when we rejected one house after another. After we finally found a great house, Rob’s efforts turned to selling our house. That process was equally painless resulting in a quick sale at a price higher than we expected.

Needless to say, after all these accolades, we highly recommend Rob Mancey as a Realtor.