Seller’s 10 Steps To Success

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Whether you lived in your house for three years or 30, the home selling process can be tricky, time-consuming, and emotional. From the first decision to work with a REALTOR® to the final closing, AvenueWest DTC will be there for you to answer any questions.

As we ramp up our efforts towards selling your house, here’s what you can expect our process to include:

  1. Needs Analysis – Setting expectations: What needs to be accomplished and when, to meet seller’s goals.
  2. Pricing Strategy – The market determines the price! Consider the condition of the house/condo and conduct neighborhood comparisons. Detailed Competitive Market Analysis (CMA)
  3. Property Preparation – De-clutter and de-personalize! Advice on property repairs, improvements and staging. The condition of your home will affect how quickly it sells and the price the buyer is willing to offer. First impressions count! Get rid of smells! (If it’s smellin’ it aint sellin’).  Buyers don’t want projects, they’re looking for a turn-key solution.
  4. Marketing Strategy – 14 Point Plan and pictures.
  5. Receive and Evaluate Offers – Buyer pre-approved? Well-qualified and low-risk?
  6. Negotiate to Sell, with counter-offer if necessary and favorable terms.
  7. Execute on selling process; negotiating Inspection Objection, appraisal contingencies, and Due Diligence documentation.
  8. Pre-close Preparation: Appropriate negotiated reparations and moving process. Cancel electricity, gas, lawn care, cable, and other routine services. Gather owner’s manuals and warranties for all conveying appliances.
  9. Closing! Refers to the meeting where ownership of the property is legally transferred to the buyer. Ensure closing documents are accurate and seller proceeds are wired. As your REALTOR®, we will be there with you through each of these steps.
  10. Celebrate! Post-Closing needs and moving on to next season! Congratulations!

From establishing a marketable asking price for your home, to negotiating sensible repair requests and meeting all deadlines with tenacity and attention to detail; every step of the escrow process is handled with professionalism and utmost care, while ensuring your needs and objectives are met with respect and timeliness.

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