Relocation Services

Moving to Denver from Canada?

An international move…WOW!

Although our cultures are similar they are still two different countries with different dynamics in immigration, taxation, banking, wealth management, and real estate:


  • What school district shall we choose?
  • Is my company helping with the move?
  • Will my spouse be legally employable?
  • Will our family be able to enjoy the same hobbies, sports, and lifestyle we so loved back home?
  • What resources can we tap into to make the move to Colorado easier?
  • Is there anyone who can help…
  • YES! This is where AvenueWest DTC shines!

Relocation requires a LOT of research and MUCH planning. Who has time to surf a billion pages of internet and who knows if what you’re reading is actually even correct or current?  AvenueWest DTC will become your new best friend in a foreign land. We are your “inside guys.” Leverage our 25 years of living in, working in, and raising a family in the great state of Colorado.

And it is an AWESOME  place to live! Let us “net out” a multitude of the research to help you streamline and execute your plans.  We look forward to connecting you with some useful friends who are also from Canada.  Let us introduce you to the Canada Colorado Association!

Welcome to Colorado, let us know how we can serve you!

  • Securing a mortgage without local credit?
  • Immigration Navigation and Processing?
  • Cross Border Taxation?
  • Wealth Management Considerations?
  • Changing Drivers Licenses?
  • Obtaining Social Security Numbers?
  • Area tours of Local Cities & Communities?
  • Understanding Nearby School Districts?
  • Renting Property?
  • Buying Residential Real Estate?
  • Selling Residential Real Estate?
  • Investing in Real Estate?
  • Networking in general?