Gathering With Canadians in Colorado

Moving From Canada to Denver, Eh?! Canada Colorado Association

Come Meet Canadians in Colorado

We are exceedingly proud of our continuing efforts to bring Canadians together in the Rocky Mountain region. The Denver metro area has welcomed thousands of Canadians!

With similar lifestyle choices and outdoor activities mimicking those of our native homeland, the Mile High City makes for an easy transition to living in the States. Skiing, cycling, hiking, camping and a love for craft beer, are all readily available!

Hockey games, job opportunities, tight-knit communities, and high-quality housing are all accessible and affordable (compared to Toronto and Vancouver, anyway!?). Transplants to Denver never look back!

The Canada Colorado Association (CCA) brings together Canadians and Friends of Canada in fun, social and business networking gatherings, helping new Canadian Coloradoans transition to life in the Denver metro area.   We can direct you to resources to support your immigration, cross-border taxation, and cross-border wealth management needs, as well as help create social bonds with fellow Canadians in Colorado.

The CCA’s vision statement is “Celebrating Canada! Connecting Canadians and Friends of Canada”. The CCA exists to connect fellow Canadians who are living and working in Colorado. However, you don’t need to be Canadian to hang out with us! There are many spouses and friends who are not of Canadian heritage welcome to hang out with us.

We love incorporating memorable aspects of Canadian lifestyle into social gatherings while building a Canadian community in Colorado. Here are some of the events we host:

  • Beef and Lobsterfest (lobsters flown in from Nova Scotia!)
  • “Almost on Canada Day Charity Golf Tournament”
  • Happy Birthday Canada!
  • Canadian Thanksgiving
  • Grey Cup Party
  • Hockey games when Canadian teams take on the Colorado Avalanche.
  • Canadian Comedy, Magicians and Musical Performances
  • Business Networking and informational meetings about subjects such as cross-border taxation, wealth management and immigration; USMCA (affectionately known to Canadians as “CUSMA”) plus, gatherings of alumni from Canadian Universities.


You can get involved and meet fellow Canadians by simply showing up or by volunteering to help us run these events; it’s fun getting involved, join a committee, or the leadership team of the Board of Directors.

Find out more about the Canada Colorado Association by visiting CanadaColorado.com  or just give us a call today!  303-902-7525.