About AvenueWest DTC

Mission Statement:

Creating quality solutions for YOUR Real Estate transition needs by offering exceptional services to each guest, owner, buyer or seller.  Come, rest assured our ultimate intent is to please God by taking good care of YOU so at the end of your day you’re reaching that “Ahhh!” moment. 

AvenueWest DTC is a Real Estate Brokerage firm partnering with clients to buy, sell and invest in Real Estate, as well as serving as proficient Property Managers in the Managed Corporate Housing sector.

AvenueWest DTC works with property owners who need assistance caring for and maintaining their furnished properties while they are away.

Meet the Owner!

Rob Mancey has an exceptional work ethic and is extremely competent, arguably the most conscientious and servant hearted REALTOR®, in the DTC area of Denver.  To deliver “value” to clients, Rob carefully listens to clients’ needs, current situation, goals and objectives, then brings his comprehensive network of resources to the table.  He then goes to work, taking care of client needs, solving issues, and persistently going above and beyond the call of duty to deliver value to all his clients.

“After many years as a REALTOR®, I find I am more passionate about serving my clients in their buying and selling of residential Real Estate than any other role I have ever pursued!”

Moving to Boston from Toronto, Canada in 1991, I soon discovered the many challenges of being a transplant to a different country. Although Canada and the U.S. are neighbors, with similar cultures, the challenges of immigration law, cross-border taxation and wealth management are significant!  I can help navigate those challenges during a client’s relocation.

Five years later, when a career advancement opportunity offered a move to Colorado, I learned yet again, the complicated logistics of having to move an entire family of five, thousands of miles across the country. Through these two personal relocations, I have gained a unique appreciation for the needs of families who are relocating to Denver. Guiding my clients who are experiencing similar experiences to my own is very rewarding!

As a 25 year resident of the Denver metro area, and through working in various business development roles in corporate America, I have expanded my network across business and social circles to become a well-networked resource for new clients in the area (“I know a guy!”). I am passionate about sharing who I know and what I know about the great State of Colorado. Whether the move is from Canada, across the U.S., or across the ocean, I will add value to clients finding a great place to settle and create a new home.

In addition to Real Estate, I enjoy spending time with my family and my church, as well as camping, fishing, cycling, skiing and golfing.

Introducing: Lecia Gill!

Lecia Gill is a transplant of 18 years to Colorado from her southern homes in Louisiana and Texas.  Lecia, her daughter Lilly, and their dog Snowflake enjoy exploring the mountains, hiking trails and city parks in the Denver metro area.

True to her southern roots there are no strangers to Lecia, only friends.  Lecia’s driving force is to work with people in the Real Estate industry to help make their dreams (of home ownership or some other indication of the dreams) come true.

Lecia is an efficient problem solver, mediator, and skilled communicator.  For the past 18 years she has put these skills to work in the Multi-Family Housing Industry, Corporate Housing, and as a REALTOR®.  Lecia is ready to assist you in your Real Estate transactions to make the process easy, efficient, and fun!

Meet Our Whole Team!

AvenueWest DTC is blessed to have an AWESOME team!  The whole team has a can do, “I’m on it!” attitude with a servant’s heart to take care of our Owners, Tenants and Clients.  They are each highly skilled and competent in their roles, they work well together, and have fun in the process.  It’s very gratifying to have a team who keeps AvenueWest DTC running like a finely tuned machine!

Although Trish has been an Accountant for 30 years, when asked why she doesn’t do accounting for AvenueWest…is so we could stay happily married!? This has freed Trish up to become our CFO, “Chief Fluff Officer”. Trish’s true passions are Design, Photography and Writing. Trish is blogging and editing the AvenueWest DTC website and managing our social media marketing program.

Trish’s favorite part of her job is designing and procuring furnishings and accessories for our Owners. When Trish enthusiastically shares with others about AvenueWest and her role, she often hears “How do I get to do what you do? Sounds so FUN!” to which she retorts…”you just have to put up being married to Rob Mancey for 35 years!”

Hat’s off to Shawna, our Accountant! With 10 years of experience in the Corporate Housing domain, Shawna keeps our books in order adhering to the strict guidelines of the Colorado Real Estate Commission’s oversight of REALTOR®s and Property Managers.

Sharon (left) is our Director of Operations, ensuring all is well within the properties, including implementing CDC standards of COVID cleanliness and sterilization, expert staging and property set-up.

Lecia (right) is our General Manager and a REALTOR®, skilled at taking “selfies” of our team when she’s not assisting our Tenant’s selection and booking of our Corporate Housing properties, or helping Clients buy, sell and invest in Real Estate.

AvenueWest Denver Tech Center participates in the following organizations:

Cherry Hills Community Church

Leads mission teams to Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Supported by who I believe to be the best team in Denver Real Estate, I am proud to help families just like yours find Corporate Housing, sell a house, or buy the ideal home in your desired neighborhood. As my clients have so sincerely stated, I will “have your back” throughout your entire relocation process.

Find out more about how we will customize our services to provide complete and total satisfaction by scheduling your first consultation now.